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What are some Covid-19 protocols I need to follow?

Please review our list at:

•In order to minimize contact, please pre-purchases all classes online. You can buy classes through the Mindbody app or through our website.

•Face coverings are required unless they adversely affect breathing during class. Intense cardiovascular activity may necessitate the temporary removal of face coverings.

•Water fountains are temporarily disabled. Please bring your own water or purchase water in the lobby.

•Lost and Found items may be discarded. Please verify you have all your personal belongings with you before you leave.


How much are classes?
$17 for most classes.
Saturday’s Ballet Progression and Tuesday’s Core Conditioning & Stretch are both $20.
We also offer discounted series. Please visit our PRICE AND GUIDELINES page for all payments options.

Where are you located?
121 Waverly Dr. Pasadena, CA 91105

Are there free trial classes?
We do not offer free trial classes. Please feel free to drop by and watch class or check out our Instagram for videos of our classes.

How do I register / buy a class?
You can register in person or online. You must register before you buy a class.
To register online, click the “Register/Login” button located at the top right of our website and follow the instructions.
To buy ADULT classes, click the “Adult Classes” tab, click “book,” and follow the instructions.
Alternatively, you can use the MINDBODY app on your phone to both register and book classes. Just search for "Athletic Garage Dance Center."

What ages are your classes?
The adult program is for customers 16 years and older. We have clients of all ages take classes here. Don’t let your age stop you from dancing! Our youth program is for ages 5-16.

Is there free parking?
Yes! We have 3 lots.
Our main lot is located in front of the lobby (by the building with the big "Athletic Garage Dance Center" sign), one is in front of the red warehouse, and the third located behind the warehouse.
There is also free street parking available on Waverly Dr. and nearby streets.

How can I rent space?
Email Sandy, the owner, for all inquiries regarding rentals at Typically at least 24hr notice is best.

Where is the lobby?
The lobby is located in the black and yellow building under the large “Athletic Garage Dance Center” sign.

I’ve never taken a dance class before, do you think I’ll be okay?
Absolutely! You have to start somewhere. We encourage new students to try out as many classes/styles as possible. Beginning hip hop is a good place to start, Jazz I&II, as well as Technique. Our dance studio is designed to be beginner friendly.

Do you have to start the monthly pass / All You Can Dance at the beginning of the month?
Nope, you can start anytime of the month. You have 31 days from the date of purchase to use it.

What should I wear to class?
Anything you’re comfortable with. We suggest flexible clothes, like sweatpants, shorts, or leggings. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, socks, or barefoot are all acceptable for technical classes. We do allow Salsa heels for salsa and Samba heels for Samba classes. Sneakers are recommended for Hip Hop and cardio classes.

When is the next Salsa night?
Follow @salsanightpasadena on Instagram for the latest info.

What should I wear to salsa class?
Any comfortable clothing you can move in. Salsa shoes are optional.

Do I need a partner for Salsa?
Due to Covid-19 we’ll be monitoring the status of partnering. When we start partnering classes again, we will require clients to bring a partner.

What is Jazz Funk?
Jazz Funk is an open style choreography class that borrows from all genres. We highly encourage you to take it!

How can I schedule a private class?
Email us at If you are unsure of what teacher you are interested in doing private lessons with, we would be happy to find your perfect match! We also highly encourage you to talk to the choreographer/teacher in person.



How much are classes?
We offer single drop in classes for $18, and discounted monthly autopay tuitions at varied prices. For the entire breakdown, please visit our PRICES & GUIDELINES page.

What ages are your classes?
The youth program is for ages 5-16.

Can my child try a class before purchasing a tuition?
Yes, we offer drop in classes that you may purchase or you may watch classes in person. Please talk to the instructor if you wish to sit in.

What should my child wear to class?
Comfortable clothing which allows for movement and stretching. Sneakers are suitable for hip hop classes. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, socks, and barefoot are suitable for technical classes. Please feel free to ask individual instructor’s for a class specific attire

What classes should my child take?
We recommend all the styles. Hip hop is the most popular. Jazz and Ballet are also highly recommended if your child wants to have a foundation in flexibility, precision, technical movements, and tricks.

Can my child start at any time of the month?
Yes, but you may only sign up for a tuition during the first week of the month.

What if my child is sick and has to miss days?
You can make up classes within the tuition month. Please advise desk staff when you are there for a makeup class. Please read the guidelines here for more detailed info: PRICES & GUIDELINES

How do I cancel or change my contract?
Email us by the 25th of the month to make any changes to your tuition.

How do I register/ buy classes for my child?
You can register in person or online. You must register for a class before you can buy a class.
On the top right of our website you will see a “Register/Login” button. Follow the instructions there.
To buy classes, please visit the front desk.

How can my child enroll in advanced 12- Adult classes?
12-Adult classes require permission from the instructor. Once permission is given, please inform the front desk.

What if my child wants to take adult classes and youth classes?
Tuition works for both adult and youth classes. Adult series, however, cannot be applied towards youth classes.

Do I need a credit card?
Credit card is required to purchase a tuition since they are an autopay contract. You may pay with cash, card, or check if you wish to purchase drop in classes.

Do I have to do autopay for tuitions?
Yes. The Youth program is designed to give youth an opportunity to grow. Having consistent attendance ensures youth are able to build upon and improve their dance skill and understanding.

If my child is 6 can they take the 7-11 class?
We can make exceptions based on the skill and learning ability of the student. Please ask the instructor and front desk for more information.
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